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Convert your file from Pages Document to Electronic Publication with this PAGES.ZIP to EPUB converter.

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Try the EPUB conversion with a PAGES.ZIP test file

Not convinced? Click on the following link to convert our demo file from PAGES.ZIP to EPUB:
PAGES.ZIP to EPUB conversion with our PAGES.ZIP example file.

PAGES.ZIP (Pages Document)

Files with the PAGES.ZIP file format extension are an older version of PAGES files. They both are document formats created in Apple Pages (Apple's equivalent to Microsoft Word). They can, naturally, contain text and text formatting, but also images, tables, other graphics, and other embedded elements. The difference between PAGES.ZIP and PAGES files is that PAGES.ZIP files were produced by...

EPUB (Electronic Publication)

EPUB files are publically available e-book standard file types established by IDPF (the International Digital Publishing Forum). They use various XML and HTML languages. Current criticisms being addressed include the difficulty of utilizing this file type for documents that are exact format dependent, the lack of equation support (without using bitmap images), the lack in detail for linking,...
What is EPUB