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Convert your documents like text, PDF or other ebooks to the Sony LRF format. Just upload a file or provide a link to the document you want to convert to LRF.

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lrf converter
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This ebook converter lets you convert from a variety of formats, including EPUB to LRF, PDF to LRF, HTML to LRF, COMIC to LRF, MOBI to LRF, LIT to LRF and more. Just try it and see if the ebook converter works for you.

You can find more information about the LRF and BBeB (Broad Band eBook) here.

LRF (Sony Portable Reader File)

Sony brand eBook eReaders (such as Sony Librie and Sony PRS-500 readers) utilize the LRF file extension for their documents and texts. This proprietary file type is now obsolete, as well as the...
What is LRF